By the vow of Hospitality, the Little Sisters promise to care for the aged as if they were Christ himself. This is the vision and mission that St. Jeanne bequeathed to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

As laity who become a part of our dedicated staff, in whatever area of service, we are an extension of their hands and a collaborator in our responsible dedication to our elderly Residents.

In this way and for this reason, your help is indispensable in aiding us to continue in this special mission with the elderly poor: showing them love and concern and making them feel welcomed and respected, safe and at home.

Our committed staff is loving, compassionate, respectful, trustworthy, dedicated, friendly and joyful. In other words, we hire individuals who are seeking a ministry, not just a job. If you are looking for this meaningful dedication in your work, we invite you to join us!