Meet a Few of Our Family

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“I see life in full bloom at the Little Sisters of the Poor. I am very lucky to have found such an accepting and loving environment. When I drive for the Sisters on our begging rounds to benefactors, I witness a continuous miracle of God’s Providence and care.”

Cindy Lee Vindedahl, Driver/Garden

“I first began seeing the Residents at the Little Sisters when I joined the MOD clinic, a geriatric clinic serving the elderly poor. I was very impressed with Holy Family Residence because of its cleanliness, beautiful décor and the caring atmosphere. I have not seen a nursing home its equal in the Twin Cities.”

Bradford Toso, M.D. with Resident Antoinette Bossard

“Coming to Holy Family Residence is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is wonderful here as there are no worries; it’s like being on a cruise. The other Residents are wonderful and I have never seen a cleaner place.”

Verona Davis (“Dube”) Resident

“My commitment to the mission of the Little Sisters of the Poor has been a privilege for me for many years. To be a part of the Holy Family Residence is to experience the spirituality and charism of St. Jeanne Jugan, as exemplified by the Sisters , my Association Jeanne Jugan colleagues and the dedicated staff, and to value the many welcoming friends, the beautiful Residents with their varied gifts and life stories. Holy Family is a home of hospitality -- you enter with a desire to give but you leave far more enriched and blessed as a result of your presence and participation in the mission.”

Dorothy Salesses, AJJ with Resident Betty Ann Murphy

“Volunteering as part of the family of the Little Sisters of the Poor is a time for us to give back and also to enjoy many friendships. It gives us a chance to make the Residents lives more fulfilling. Being a part of St. Jeanne’s work is so enriching for us.”

Seated L-R: Jonette Gruhlke, Mary Orme, Carol Halloran
Standing L-R: Mary Rogers, Bobbie Jablonski

“As Residents of the Jeanne Jugan apartments of the Little Sisters of the Poor, we are privileged to be the recipients of so much love and care. Each day is a joy living here because our Lord is visible in everything that happens. Living in the apartments is a “little taste of heaven” and we are so thankful.”

George & Barbara Welp