Our Begging Tradition

The Collecting: A continuous miracle of Divine Providence

Just as St. Jeanne Jugan walked the roads of France experiencing everyday miracles, the collecting continues to be at the heart of our charism and worldwide mission today. It’s a living tradition that sustains our mission and proves that miracles of Providence still happen! In years gone by, the collecting Little Sisters were known by the horse-drawn wagon in which they made the rounds of the city neighborhoods. Although today we use a van rather than horses, we keep the tradition alive as we “go out collecting” throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Parish Visitations and Collections

With the blessing of Archbishop John Nienstedt, we continue to reach out to the people of the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis through our weekend visits to parishes. We say a few words about our work and mission and encourage vocations. A collection of free-will offerings helps sustain the needs of our Holy Family Residence. The faithful of our Archdiocese are the true stewards of the mission and vision of St. Jeanne.

Other ways of helping

Contact us at clstpaul@littlesistersofthepoor.org or call 651-303-0938

Thank you, God bless you and do please stop by to visit our Holy Family Residence

“For me, I was the little beggar. I asked, I held out my hand, and our kind benefactors gave to the Lord’s poor ones.”
-St. Jeanne Jugan

“For me, I also am a little beggar, carrying on the beautiful and privileged mission of our saintly foundress in a new era, a new millennium. The ways and means are different now but the overflowing of God’s Providence is unchanging. Our benefactors are instruments through which God allows miracles to happen every day. St. Jeanne is ever living among us.”
-A Little Sister