High School Youth and Young Adults

Come along and find fulfilment in the gift of yourself to your elder brothers and sisters by sharing your time, talents, your youthful enthusiasm and your love with them. They, in turn, will become a greater gift to you by sharing their wisdom and a lifetime of experience.

Take a look at some of the enormous volunteer opportunities to enrich your life:

  • Assist the Little Sisters in serving the meals to the Residents.
  • Help and join in on the fun and enriching activities that fill our calendar of events.
  • Provide entertainment or for the Residents using your musical and theatrical gifts.
  • Become bonded with a Resident through personal visits, reading or taking a stroll in the garden.
  • Help maintain our backyard garden or lend a hand in other work projects.
  • Share in the spiritual life of Holy Family Residence. Let the Residents bring you to Mass or the Rosary.
  • Help lead a discussion group, Scripture Sharing or current events.

Get Connected with the spirit and mission of the Church’s newest Saint Jeanne Jugan! The Little Sisters of the Poor and 100 elderly Residents are waiting to welcome you and your friends. Contact Sister Maria Francis at