A Birthday is always a pleasure

We celebrated in a grand way the 225th Birthday and anniversary of the Baptism of Saint Jeanne Jugan on October 25th. Many Residents, Sisters, employees and AJJ members participated in a festive Mass during which the liturgy was assured by AJJ member Lawrence Lawyer, Music Director for the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Father Peter Brandenhoff celebrated Mass, he shared with us his new found knowledge of Jeanne Jugan. He concluded his homily by saying – “Let’s say a Hail Mary for vocations.” And we did…

Resident’s and staff shared in special Birthday meal. In the afternoon AJJ joined the Residents and staff at a Birthday Bingo Bash. Saint Jeanne Jugan trivia was interspersed between games. Everyone walked away a winner!

The cake was presented on a table near the entrance so that all could admire it as they entered the Foyer Jeanne Jugan. The cake – pure white roses decorating an enormous sheet cake with the photo of Jeanne Jugan. Our treat was as delicious as it was beautiful.

We ended our day with evening prayer – praising God and thanking Saint Jeanne Jugan for all she left us.